Christmas presents

At the start of a rather grey week, when I’ve been put on stronger antibiotics to clear my ear infection and hubby has informed me that he couldn’t get the Davina book after all, I thought I’d cheer myself up by writing about some of my favourite Christmas presents.

It has been nearly 3 weeks since Christmas. That time has flown by! Here are a few of the lovely presents I received which I’ve made use of in that short time:

– a beautiful necklace from hubby. We set budgets for presents but he still manages to get me amazing thoughtful gifts. I’ve worn it nearly every day since Christmas!

– Mummy Mitts. There were a few warming gifts (snuggly snood, gloves, hat) but these were an extra present from my parents and they are brilliant. They velcro onto the pushchair handle and look like small oven mitts. They are so cosy and warm!

Mummy Mitts in action

– clothes. I love receiving clothes because people buy clothes I wouldn’t normally choose for myself but look really nice. I also received some money which I spent on new jeans, so I pretty much received a new wardrobe for Christmas!

Healthy Every Day by Dale Pinnock

– Healthy Every Day by Dale Pinnock. I chose this myself and received it for Christmas. It’s a surprisingly accessible recipe book full of healthy food. Last night I made his aubergine and green lentil bake which all three of us really enjoyed! I’ve also tried one of his fish recipes and I’m going to make his sesame ‘fudge’ later this week.


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