Davina goes sugar free

One year ago, Davina McCall was my friend. She got up with me in the mornings, laughed and grimaced at the exercises on her DVD, danced to the same music. Ok, she wasn’t actually my friend, she was on the TV screen.

After having our son, I bought Davina’s pregnancy and post-natal DVD to ease me back into exercise. Then a friend told me she had been using the Davina Fit DVD which would be a bit harder. I bought it and used it about four times a week for a few months. Then I got bored of it and started swimming. I’m one of those people who needs a bit of variation to keep me going, like not eating the same thing for breakfast every day.

So I found it interesting to randomly come across this article where Davina has gone sugar free and written a book, 5 Weeks to Sugar Free! As soon as I found out she had written a book I thought about buying it even though I’m nearly two months into sugar-free life. There’s a follow up in this article where Davina gives some tips and a few recipes to tempt the reader to buy her book. I tried out the granola recipe which was a good ‘un, and thought the bagels recipe sounded fun too, if I can find sugar-free bagels.

She also features in the ‘My cup of tea’ article in the January Waitrose Kitchen magazine where she mentions going sugar free. Oddly at the end of the article it advertises her new fitness DVD and not her book.

I am encouraged to see a celebrity in the UK publicly giving the no sugar thing a whirl and sharing their experience. Yes the book will bring in a few pennies for her, but hopefully she has really made the change and the recipes are realistic. Maybe some of the many who have bought her fitness DVDs will buy the book too and there’ll be a few more of us crazy no sugar people.

And maybe some of those people will be in Bromley! Earlier in the week I was in our local WHSmith and I saw this:

Davina’s coming to Bromley

Davina is coming to Bromley next Saturday. After seeing this poster I thought more seriously about buying the book so that I could get it signed, and before I mentioned to him that she was coming to Bromley, hubby said there is a promotion at work where he can get the book cheaper. This means I can’t actually get it signed (you have to buy it from WHSmith to get it signed), but I will have the book.

Whilst I’m sad that I won’t be able to meet Davina and get it signed, I am excited about reading the book and, of course, writing my first book review on here! People look at me like I’m crazy when they find out I’ve given up sugar. I hope there are lots of crazy people like me in Bromley who go to the signing and they all get on board the sugar free train (sorry, I spend a lot of time playing trains with our son).


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