A slow start

It’s been a slow start to 2015 as I still have an ear infection and I’ve spent a fair bit of time hibernating. I’ve therefore not done any exercise, cooked any meals for the freezer or tidied anything up as I’d hoped to do whilst hubby was off work. Never mind. I’m glad I hadn’t set any resolutions as it means I haven’t broken any through illness! Here are a few things I have done:

Made breadsticks
My mum bought us a silicone breadstick mould for Christmas which you can use in the microwave to make breadsticks in 5 minutes. Amazing!

Breadstick mould

The recipe includes yoghurt which I thought was quite interesting, and sugar which I omitted. It requires something called a Decopen to put the mix into the mould which we don’t have so I tried piping the mix in. It was quite tricky and the outcome wasn’t great, not crispy which is probably down to too much mix in the mould and possibly the lack of sugar. I’m going to have another go.


Hid brussels sprouts
I’ve never been a huge fan of brussels sprouts. I’ll eat one at Christmas because it’s tradition and I’ll eat them in my dad’s bubble and squeak for breakfast, but I wouldn’t otherwise buy them. This year, however, my mum gave me a load of brussels sprouts that they weren’t going to get through. So I have been hiding them! They’ve been hidden in my leftover carbonara (a recipe which also used up leftover double cream, gruyere and some ham), beef stir fry, and curry. Hubby and our son have both eaten them because, in hubby’s words, they have been ‘well hidden’!

Made granola
I wouldn’t buy granola because I know that, even though it is deemed to be healthy, if you buy it in a shop it will probably contain added sugars. And it can be pricey. I’ve seen several recipes for granola and so I just decided to give it a go yesterday using this recipe (more about the link later this week). I had the same problem I’ve had when making flapjack with honey instead of sugar in that it didn’t stick together very well, but with granola that’s less of an issue. Anyway, I had some for breakfast this morning with yoghurt and banana and it was really yummy! Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow already!

Homemade granola with yoghurt and bananas



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