2015 is here!

Happy new year!

2014 seemed to fly by. I’m really glad I started writing in this blog again in 2014. It’s been helpful to have an outlet for me to think about some things, put some things into action and share a few things I like. I hardly write anything personal but who knows, maybe it’ll become more personal this year.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. We had a lovely time with family. We had Christmas Day at home with some of hubby’s family, then went to my parents’ in Yorkshire for a few days and played in the snow, then came back to host all of hubby’s family for the big family get together.

The only downside was various illnesses… Our son had conjunctivitis for a week, hubby wasn’t feeling so good on Boxing Day, and I developed a cold after relaxing at my parents’ (foolish! Never relax!) which has led to a week coping with earache and feeling like I’m underwater. I’m actually at home alone writing this as I was in bed feeling awful when hubby took our son out to see some of his cousins this morning. But aside from illness it was lovely seeing family, opening gifts and eating yummy food.

Regular readers may be wondering if I managed a sugar-free Christmas. I planned to only have a mince pie and a slice of Christmas cake, and avoid everything else. I didn’t quite stick to that. I had:

– small piece of Christmas pudding with custard
– Christmas cake (icing was so sweet it gave me a headache)
– hoisin sauce and prawn crackers (allowed because my parents’ traditional Christmas dinner is crispy Peking duck with pancakes, and in the build up to Christmas this had slipped my mind)
– mince pie (on a steam train!)
– BBQ sauce (in pulled pork to feed hubby’s family for the big family get together)
– supermarket bread (if I want to have lunch at other people’s houses, I can’t cut (haha) this one out, but I can keep making my own sugar-free bread at home)

I had more sugar than I had planned but I am still shocked that I got through Christmas without devouring all chocolatey, cakey, sugary things that were available. My views of cake and pudding have definitely changed. I only had Christmas pudding and cake because it was tradition. I didn’t actually enjoy either of them. I did, however, enjoy the mince pie. When we hosted all of hubby’s family there were a lot of sweet things on offer throughout the day: cheesecake, Christmas cake, rock buns, mince pies, chocolate yule log, Victoria sponge, pavlova, chocolate cake. But it was easy to avoid those because it was buffet-style and I was the busy, slightly ill, host.

So there you have it. We’re in 2015 and I’m starting it sugar-free.Let’s see if I make it to 2016 still sugar free!


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