Handmade pressies

This year I’ve made a few homemade pressies for friends and family. I did the same several years ago when I made Christmas biscuits.

But of course, this year is a sugar free Christmas! So I made one batch of these cranberry cookies and divided them up between 3 friends, and made a batch of these pecan cookies and divided them up between some family members. The pecan cookies aren’t strictly sugar free as they contain honey, but still a bit better than the amount of sugar I’d put in a normal cookie. I tried one and they’d be amazing with maple syrup…

Handmade pressies: redcurrant jelly, pecan biscuits, trivet which is hidden behind a folded up painting by our son

The family members received quite a handmade treat! A painting by our son, a handmade trivet, some pecan cookies and a jar of homemade redcurrant jelly, all presented in a chopped up cereal box covered in wrapping paper. Saving a few pennies there. Ok, ok, the redcurrant jelly clearly contains sugar but as part of clearing out the freezer we made it to use up the bag of redcurrants that were taking up a lot of room.

I felt like a skinflint handing these and the other cookies out but, if you take into account how long it took to make it all, it’s actually a pretty loving gift!



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