Operation Empty Freezer

The week after Christmas we have hubby’s family coming over – that’s 10 adults and 10 children. I am currently unfazed by the mayhem that will descend on us because I am trying to get ahead with the planning.

So to start with it is Operation Empty Freezer – the chalkboard in our kitchen reads ‘freezer meal’ for every night, basically leftovers from various meals, which means this is an easy week for cooking. It’s made for an interesting week so far. We had steak on Saturday night as there were two hiding away and two different curries on Monday night as I hadn’t labelled them properly, so it was a bit like sharing takeaway.

It’s not all savoury, though. Hubby happily finished off the ice cream tub at the weekend and he made yummy banana, strawberry and blueberry smoothie after I went for a run on Sunday morning. I made these whole spelt muffins only I used a couple of frozen bananas and frozen apple puree instead of honey and pumpkin puree, and I threw in some raisins and goji berries. I made muffins with some of the mixture and 12 mini cupcakes using silicone Lakeland mini cupcake cases my mum bought for me ages ago.

The plan is that all of this will clear at least two drawers in our freezer. We haven’t worked out exactly what to cook yet but I hope to do some of it beforehand, including cooking a few bits and freezing them like these chorizo and gruyere puffs from Tesco’s latest magazine.


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