One month sugar free

Well I have been doing this no sugar thing for 4 weeks now. Apparently it takes 4 weeks to kick a habit or start a new one, so I guess I’ve kicked my sugar habit! The next 2 weeks will be interesting with Christmas and New Year but looking back over the last month, which has flown by, I am surprised to say that I have remarkable willpower if I put my mind to it. I don’t know how that happened, I’ve never kept any diet going for a month, except for being vegetarian. That lasted 9 years!

I’ve said before that on weekends I like to make something a bit more exciting than the usual cereal or toast for breakfast, and on Saturday I made pancakes which our son and I had with fruit. And I had some maple syrup on one of mine! It tasted amazing, so my tastebuds haven’t changed that much.

Saying ‘no’ to pudding or cake is making me feel awkward. Now, people say ‘no’ all the time to pudding but when you’re sitting at a table where everyone else is having pudding, you feel a bit strange. It feels rude to be saying ‘no thank you’ when the person has made it themselves. As yet, no one has asked me why I’m saying no and I slightly fear the question because I’m not very good at explaining myself when put on the spot. It takes a long time for me to write a blog post! Maybe I’ll just refer them to my blog with bright red cheeks at saying I have a blog.

And so, a sugar free Christmas. I’m making my pseudo-panettone at the weekend and am still hunting for a sugar free Christmas biscuit recipe. My mum was panicking that she wouldn’t be able to feed me when we visit them at Christmas but I reassured her that I won’t eat sauces and sweet things but I can still eat a good old roast. What she doesn’t realise, is hubby’s side of the family have no idea that I’m doing this!


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