Dark chocolate crunch snowmen

I’m feeling particularly Christmassy because I’ve made dark chocolate crunch snowmen!

I made cheesy biscuits with our son on Tuesday and whilst looking for his train cookie cutter, I came across our nativity cookie cutters and two snowmen moulds. So once the cheesy biscuits were in the oven, I decided to have a go at making dark chocolate crunch snowmen using this recipe which I mentioned recently.

Dark chocolate crunch snowman

The recipe didn’t mention melting the coconut oil but I did it anyway to help the ingredients stick together, and I put desiccated coconut in the mould first for a snowy feel! Admittedly my photography skills are not great and you have to look quite hard to see that it is a snowman.

The rest of the mix went between two pieces of greaseproof paper and I snapped it all up once it had frozen. The funny thing is it all stays in the freezer so as soon as you get it out, it melts onto your fingers.

But it’s pretty good for a treat. I no longer miss normal chocolate quite as much! Here’s to a sugar-free Christmas!


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