Tortilla wraps in the bread machine

I have fallen back in love with our bread machine.

After a few weeks of trying to make 100% wholewheat bread and consistently producing dense loaves, I made the sultana bread on Saturday which was a success. It inspired me to try some different recipes so yesterday I made a malthouse loaf using Doves Farm Organic Malthouse Bread Flour following the recipe on the packet and then I made tortilla wraps using the bread machine on the same day. I love our bread machine again.

I was looking for tortilla wraps on Friday in the supermarket but, of course, they all contain sugar and that does not fit with my no-sugar plan. A few months ago I made my own tortilla wraps which were kind of successful. I thought I might be able to make use of the dough setting on the bread machine so I had a look online and, after wading through various websites, chose to make these (minus the sugar, of course).

It worked great. I doubled the recipe so that I could freeze some for use at a later date and chucked it in the bread machine for a 10 minute knead. Then I stopped the machine and left the dough in there for another 25 minutes. This was brilliant for me because I could spend more time playing with our son before I got to the rolling out and cooking stage. The dough was really sticky but very smooth and it made 16 tortilla wraps. It took longer than I had anticipated to cook them all but they were really yummy!

The tortilla wraps were made to go with leftover turkey. Yes, this early in December. Just before I got pregnant with our son, we decided to try eating turkey instead of chicken because it’s cheaper and healthier. However, when I was pregnant, the smell of raw turkey (I do the bulk of the cooking) made me feel very sick so we stopped that idea pretty quickly. A few months ago we thought we’d try it again and I’d definitely recommend eating turkey outside of the usual Christmas setting. You can get British turkey mince, turkey steaks, and other cuts all year round and much cheaper than their chicken or beef alternatives. We buy a British turkey thigh for £2.75 from Sainsbury’s which lasts two meals. Amazing.

Anyway, on Sunday we had slow cooked turkey thigh with sweet potato mash, green beans and gravy. Yummy! I shredded the leftovers and yesterday I cooked them with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tin of black eyed beans, a bit of chopped chorizo, a chopped yellow pepper, a few chopped mushrooms and about a tablespoon of Schwartz Perfect Shake Spanish seasoning (no sugar in this mix!). I served it with some grated some cheese and my homemade tortilla wraps. It was so worth the effort to see my boys happily eating it all, and knowing the leftovers are in the freezer for another day.

Maybe this will come in handy if you are stuck for how to use up your leftover turkey this Christmas?


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