Day 21 of no sugar

I’m now three weeks in. That seems like a huge accomplishment to me! I can hardly believe that I’m still sticking with it.

This week has been the most difficult. The other day I gave hubby a hug whilst he ate a chocolate bar and the chocolate smelt so delicious. Mmm! I very nearly caved in on Friday, which was a difficult day anyway, and bought sugary cream pastries. On the drive home I decided I wasn’t going to eat them, no matter how rubbish I felt, and gave them to hubby when I got home. He was pleased to get a treat and, after a cup of tea, I’d forgotten all about it.

Not eating after 6.30pm is definitely a good rule to have as well. Sometimes we eat our main meal after 6.30pm but after that meal I don’t eat anything else. The idea behind it is that if we sit down to watch something on TV, I can’t sit and absent-mindedly eat rubbish. Last night I broke that rule because I had made a no-sugar sultana loaf in our bread machine. It finished baking around 7.15pm and the smell was so good that I had to try a slice. We all ate some for breakfast too and I was thrilled that it was a success as my wholewheat loaves are still not going to plan.

The sultana loaf also gave me hope when it comes to the Christmas things I will miss: Christmas biscuits, gingerbread men, stollen, panettone, mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolates off the tree, other random chocolates and sugary biscuits. That’s quite a list, and I am sure I won’t be able to find sugar-free options for all of them. But I think I can make the sultana loaf into a pseudo-panettone using dried unsweetened cranberries (if I can find any), sultanas and cacao nibs. There is a glimmer of hope!

I’ve said several times before that I still plan to have a few sweet things over Christmas so I don’t miss out on all the fun. How to choose which I have at each gathering will be tricky. But the big thing on my mind is what if I am presented with delicious cakes and puddings and don’t want any. That would be crazy.


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