Chocolate cake sadness (day 15 of no sugar)

It was a lovely wedding! And for a change I felt comfortable in my dress instead of frumpy because I knew I’d lost a bit of weight. Psychological, yes, but who cares?

I managed to avoid sugar for the most part. Now that I’m over 2 weeks in, it’s completely natural for me to check peanut butter jars (some contain sugar), not have something sweet after a meal, and the thing that makes it easiest is not being interested in the tables of cake or packets of sweets!

Chocolate cake sadness is the title of this post because I had planned to eat one piece of cake or pudding during the weekend and, very sadly, I didn’t enjoy my chocolate cake. I decided it would have to be chocolate cake that interrupted the no sugar diet. It’s always a winner, especially with fudge icing. But not this time. Was it the cake? Was it my tastebuds? I don’t know what it was. I was gutted.

Delightfully, hubby is now supporting my plan, even if not completely on board himself. He has said he’s going to eat less biscuits and chocolate which is a good step, but hopefully he won’t lose weight too – he’d disappear! On Sunday we stopped off on our journey home to have something to eat at McDonald’s (not our normal choice and I tried really hard to avoid something with sugar in it). After he’d told me what he wanted with his meal, hubby turned to me and said, ‘but what will you have to drink?’ because he knew I wouldn’t want something sugary! Now that is love.

Does this mean that Christmas will be sugar free? I’m not sure. I have 24 days to work that out. No chocolate advent calendar this year for sure. I do still hope to have a mince pie and a piece of Christmas cake, but it’s nice to know that I have the willpower not to overindulge this year.


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