Day 12 of no sugar

I can’t count. Tuesday was day 9, not day 8.

Anyway, today is day 12 so I’m nearly two weeks in. I find it much easier to say ‘no’ to biscuits and chocolates and I’ve lost 4lbs! So, whilst sometimes it can be frustrating avoiding sugar, it is definitely worth it. Now I’m even surprised that this didn’t occur to me sooner. It’s not that difficult really!

This weekend we are at a wedding which means I will be away from home and will be bombarded by cake, but I have a plan…

During the summer that I was pregnant with our son we went to 4 weddings, including my sister’s where I was a rather large maid of honour. I carried snacks in my handbag for those long periods of time between events, and I still do that for our hungry son every day. So this weekend I will take snacks for me, too, and make sure I am not hungry when the cake comes out.

I don’t think that temptation is that much of a problem anymore, given that I can look at a plate of biscuits or chocolates and just say ‘no’. But I’m also no longer eating them when I’m not hungry. Something has definitely clicked in my brain which means I will not give in.

At the wedding reception, I plan to eat a piece of cake or a pudding because they are treats, not every day food anymore. I’m not going overboard – I’m limiting myself to one piece! I wonder how it will taste? I read that once you’ve given up sugar, sweet things taste ridiculously sweet!


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