Day 8 of no sugar

Last night I was feeling pretty fed up with this sugar-free thing.

We were having stir fry and I had a packet of black bean sauce in the cupboard. I usually make my own stir fry sauce using soy sauce, cornflour and some sort of spice, but as it was already there I thought I’d use it. I double-checked the ingredients first and, yep, there was sugar in it. Fine, I thought, I’ll make my own. So I checked the soy sauce bottle and there it was again! Sugar! I’m constantly amazed that sugar really does seem to hide everywhere. So the boys had the packet sauce on their stir fry and I had a bit of cashew nut butter, salt and pepper on mine. Not that bad, but not what I was expecting to eat.

This morning I went for another jog and was delighted to jump on the scales and find out that I have lost a couple more pounds! So, despite the minor stress last night, I’m feeling much better about my decision to ditch sugar now!

In other happy news, I have found a few chocolatey sugar-free recipes on . On Sunday I had a go at making a cocoa version of the Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal. Standing in the kitchen weighing out the oats, I realised it was supposed to be a baked breakfast. But I had my heart set on making it as a snack so I trebled the recipe and made it into a flapjack-style bake.

Hubby tried one and said it wasn’t sweet, or chocolatey really. Halfway through eating my slice I had a great idea of using coconut oil instead of almond butter, using slightly less milk as she suggests if you use oil, and adding desiccated coconut to give it a more Bounty feel. I think the coconut will make it seem sweeter, too. Yum!

There are lots of recipes that I’d like to have a go at from, particularly the recipe for Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars. What’s great about that recipe is they live in the freezer once made so you don’t have to eat them really quickly!

Another website I have found is Spoonful of Sugar Free. This also has ‘sweet’ snacks and cakes like this Flourless Power Brownie. I don’t like pumpkin but love butternut squash, so perhaps next time instead of making soup with butternut squash leftovers, I’ll make this.

One downside to finding these yummy-sounding recipes is that they require things we wouldn’t normally buy like almond milk, nut butters, coconut oil, cocoa nibs… some of which are quite pricey. Hopefully they will last a long time.

It is something of a relief to know that there are lots of others out there who have tried and succeeded in living without sugar, and enjoy treats like brownies. Every website I’ve seen so far has been written by an American or a Canadian so it’s all cup sizes for measuring ingredients. Maybe I’ll come across someone writing about living sugar-free in England soon.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 of no sugar”

  1. I’ve tried it before, manging sugar-free many years ago. It was hard work! I certainly felt quite “glowy” off sugar, but didn’t have the self-control to keep going, so I commend you for your motivation! I steered clear of “no sugar sweet-style” treats completely because it just made me miss on proper cakes and biscuits, so I ended up eating a lot of carrots and hummus, and salted edamame beans. Kale chips were also very good!

    1. Sometimes it does seem hard work, I agree! I’m amazed I’ve lasted more than a week. Good point about the no sugar treats, will have to bear that in mind. And I must try kale chips sometime…

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