Back to running

I went for my first run in nearly three years on Saturday morning. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe that I could get so far without stopping. I loved running past people at the bus stop, overtaking people walking along, the sense of freedom, and the bounciness of my shoes!

Before I left home, I worked out a route using our A-Z (old skool) and made sure there were plenty of shortcuts in case I ran out of puff. And I did the whole route in just over 20 minutes (with a few walks).

When I got back, I worked out how far the route was using some website and it turns out it was 2.05 miles. Then I double checked how long my old route was and it turns out my regular route (which I would sometimes add to) was 1.85 miles. And it used to take about 20 minutes to run that route. I’m sure my old route was longer than that…

So hang on, I’m as fit, if not slightly fitter, as I was nearly three years ago. Must be all that swimming I was doing!

Obviously I hope to cut down on the walks, run the whole way and maybe even further in time. The plan is to go for another run on Tuesday morning to give my thighs another day to rest. Ouch.


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