Day 5 of no cake!

Day 5

So far this sugar free thing is going ok! It’s not that I wouldn’t love to eat a piece of cake, it’s that I know I don’t need it. That pear yesterday was much better for me than a slab of cake and I’ve lost a pound through making wiser food decisions.

Although I have eaten some sugar without thinking…

  • On Wednesday I went to friends’ for dinner and we had tacos. Yum! But half way through eating them I thought, hang on, is there sugar in the salsa? What about the taco seasoning? Hang on, what about in the tacos themselves?!
  • And what about the Lea & Perrins I put on our cheese on toast for lunch yesterday? Thinking about it now, I bet that had sugar in it.
  • Last night we had Indian takeaway as a treat. Was there sugar in that somewhere, too?

Maybe this sugar free thing isn’t going ok so far. It’s easy to avoid chocolate, cake, sweets but sometimes to forget where it is hidden like in condiments and sauces that aren’t homemade. Of course I’ll still eat what other people have cooked and just say ‘no’ to pudding or have a tiny piece.

But in my health-kick I also have big plans of going for a jog tomorrow morning for the first time in nearly three years! After having our son I was told by a physio not to go running again but recently I have really wanted to out so I rang my doctor to double check and I’ve been given the all clear. Yay! I won’t get far but I’m so excited about it. Running used to give me such a buzz and improve my mood, as well as burning off a few calories.


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