Nonna’s Kitchen and Topolino

For the last two Saturdays in a row we have taken our son to the London Transport Museum (just me and him for the second trip as the ticket can be used as an annual pass). He loved it – trains, buses and taxis, as well as going on a train to get there!

After he had enjoyed exploring the museum the first time we went to get some lunch at Nonna’s Kitchen, just off Leicester Square. We went on holiday to Sicily a few years ago and have been in love with its food ever since. Since then we’ve tried a few independent Italian restaurants but hubby decided to have a look for a Sicilian restaurant in London that we could go to as I hardly ever go into London anymore. And I’m so glad he did!

Rigatoni alla Siciliana

We walked past several Italian restaurants on the way but Nonna’s Kitchen is specifically Sicilian. Sicilian cuisine obviously has many links to Italian cuisine, but it is also influenced by Arabian and Greek cuisines as both ruled the island at various points. YUM! It includes lots of nuts, tomatoes, oranges, olives, and fish. Hubby has a recipe book called ‘Made in Sicily’ by Giorgio Locatelli which gives lots of information about Sicilian food as well as recipes.

Pistachio and Kinder gelato

The prices at Nonna’s Kitchen are very reasonable, similar to Pizza Express and it felt very Italian in the small restaurant. They were playing Italian music and there was a picture on the wall of Robert de Niro eating with Nonna on the wall! The waitresses all seemed besotted with our son which was cute.

I had Rigatoni Alla Siciliana which was delicious, followed by a scoop of pistachio gelato (our favourite) and a scoop of Kinder gelato. Chocolate gelato is very nice. We were in Italy last year with some friends and on one occasion I had chocolate fondant gelato. That was incredible. Hubby had almond gelato for the first time on Saturday and said that was also really good. And he had blood orange San Pellegrino which we’d never seen before but was so lovely.

I love the take home bag!

They also had a yummy selection of Sicilian patisserie. You could get a take home box of 6 of the cakes of the day but we decided to get a piece of cassata and 2 cannoli. If you’re near Leicester Square, definitely hunt down this little restaurant. Or try their other one in Hoddesdon.

A few months ago my parents were visiting so we let them babysit and we went out for an early anniversary dinner at Topolino’s in West Wickham, an Italian restaurant which I would definitely recommend as well. Again it was quite a small restaurant and was very busy, very Italian! We really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Good gelato, too.


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