Here goes…

Since my post on Saturday I have heard two interesting things. First, I heard from a friend who was already considering giving up sugar in the new year. That’s a really good idea because you can eat all the sugary yummy Christmas food you like and then give up sugar. But if I don’t start now when I’m all geared up, I’ll never start.

The second was about a film called ‘Fed Up’. It’s a documentary that came out in America earlier this year about how sugar is hidden in lots of food which is causing health problems. On the website they encourage you to try a ten day no sugar challenge. There is loads of information and resources if you have time to work through it all!

Anyway, back to my original plan to try to stop eating chocolate, cake and biscuits all the time, and ditch added sugars. Here goes…

Day 1

So day 1 is today. After making the decision to do the ‘(mostly) no sugar’ thing, I realised that I should maybe have cleared the cupboards or shopped for some alternatives or at least told hubby! He was away and, unless he’s read my post from Saturday, knows nothing about my plan. He’s off to Spain on business tomorrow so he won’t be affected by it anyway.

Yesterday I enjoyed some lovely apple crumble with ice cream whilst visiting friends for lunch and in the evening hubby and I finished off the special chocolate bar I had bought to eat whilst he was away. And that was it! No more sugar.

So far, so good. Admittedly, it’s only 2.30pm! I can see the battles ahead – my mum coming to stay (not a battle in itself, more the offer of cake in cafes!), biscuits at toddler group (which I normally avoid unless I’ve not slept well), and the weekend when hubby is home. That’s just this week – next weekend we’re at a wedding! If I make it to this weekend I will be so impressed. I need to work on some interesting alternatives. I remember earlier in the year when I tried this I turned to crisps as an alternative to eating a chocolate bar or a slice of cake. Didn’t really work!

Oh and I say ‘mostly’ because, as I said before, I’m not entirely giving up chocolate or cake. I will eat Christmas cake at Christmas! I’m just trying to avoid added sugars in general and not eat chocolate or cake every day.

NB: I won’t be doing daily updates. There might be other things I want to write about, I don’t have time to write a daily update, and who is going to read all of them?! I imagine the ‘I’ve failed and it’s all over’ post will go up fairly soon…


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