Cosy cosy gloves

Yesterday I got my gloves out for the first time and remembered that my trusty leather gloves were sadly lost in the spring. A new pair is on my Christmas list but in the mean time I am wearing these:

Cosy gloves

I bought them in Cornwall when we were on holiday there 4 years ago. I seem to remember that they were made by Nepalese women. They’re fleecy, more hardwearing than normal mittens and so very cosy.

My hands and feet get cold so I am used to wearing gloves before most people, but I used to have the added layer of my coat pockets. Nowadays, pushing a pushchair exposes my hands to the elements so I am nearly always in gloves once the weather turns. As well as regularly applying copious amounts of hand cream.

This morning I sorted through my winter warmers. I used to have several pairs of gloves, lots of hats and what seemed like hundreds of scarves but now I’m down to two hats, one of which is looking very sad for itself, two pairs of gloves and still quite a few scarves. Anyone who visits our local Oxfam will have a vast choice of my old scarves!

I used to love wearing hats. Definitely need to get a new one. As well as a pair of leather gloves. No more scarves though! I still have way too many!


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