From spy show to spy show

We have finished watching series 3 of Spooks.

I have found series 3 to be a disappointment. Not just because Tom isn’t in it anymore, but because I don’t think the story lines are as interesting as in the first two series. But we did get to see how Zoe and Danny leave and this time I was much less adverse to Adam taking Tom’s role. Perhaps because I knew Tom would come back eventually!

Anyway, hubby has moved onto watching Gotham. It’s quite dark (story lines, and mostly shot in the dark) and violent. I don’t know how long we’ll watch it for. The Penguin is quite a scary guy.

Over the years a few TV shows we have enjoyed have disappeared after one series. For example, Whites featuring Alan Davies (the only famous person I saw in the 3 years I worked in London) as a head chef. Hilarious! And Dirk Gently. And Flash Forward. Maybe Gotham will end after one series, too.

A TV show we’re really enjoying though is Spy, a series that was on Sky a few years ago. We are on a 3 month free trial for Now TV which is how we’re watching it. It stars Darren Boyd (who was also in Whites and Dirk Gently… maybe we should see what else he’s in?) as a guy who gets a job in the civil service but accidentally ends up working for MI5. It’s funny and the music is cool. I smile just thinking about the prospect of watching it. But there are only 2 series so we’re nearly through it already! I wonder what else Now TV has for us to watch…


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