Bread maker…

I have a little secret! I have a bread maker.

Our ‘new’ bread maker

After posting about making bread in our slow cooker, a friend offered me her bread maker because she wasn’t using it and was thinking about getting rid of it anyway. So I thought, why not? (Thank you!) Unfortunately I may have got a bit carried away as we don’t actually have room for such an appliance but it was delivered by some other friends on Saturday.

The reason I decided to take up the offer is that I have been using our slow cooker for meals and cakes more recently, so I haven’t actually made any bread for a while. I have lots of flour and bread mix packets which I found on sale but I haven’t used them. I’d really like to go back to making bread but with the slow cooker in use more, I’d have to do the proving and oven method. So, bread maker it is.

First loaf in the bread maker

The bread maker is smaller than I had imagined and came without a manual. It did come with a recipe book so I decided I could still give it a go. I started with a Sainsbury’s spelt flour and sunflower seed pack that I had in the cupboard. I had bought it reduced to 29p so if it failed I thought I’d feel ok about it. And I just went with whatever time was already on it, 3 hours 45 minutes. I kept checking on it because I wondered what was going on inside.


I was so excited when a loaf came out! Even if it’s a bit wonky, it’s loaf-shaped unlike the slow cooker bread I have made before. It cuts easily. But it has a hole in the bottom – I guess the manual tells you how to get the bread out without making a hole.

Anyway I was really excited, just like when I first made bread in the slow cooker. But this time I feel like I could really keep going because it’s so easy. I’ve worked out I’ll need to make another loaf for the weekend when my family visit, so they can test it too (they had a bread maker at one point but couldn’t get it to work). I’m going for another bread mix I have in the cupboard, this time a Waitrose one. I’ve found a temporary home for the bread maker and hubby doesn’t seem too unhappy with the fact that he didn’t know it was coming until it arrived. Aside from the fact that now his home for the ice cream maker he really wants has been taken up by the bread maker…


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