Keeping warm!

I love autumn. I love the colours, the change in temperature, the seasonal food, the woolly jumpers, wearing boots. Yes, autumn is great.

And today we stepped out in our coats because it was chilly, not because it was wet! Proper autumn weather is here with falling leaves and unpredictable weather.

We still save our pennies keeping the thermostat on low. Don’t worry, our son keeps warm enough running around all the time, but I get cold! So I am rediscovering things that keep me warm. Boring things like washing up, ironing and cleaning have become great activities for keeping me warm. And dancing around the living room with our son!

Another great wet weather activity that we have been getting our teeth stuck into (literally) is baking. I mentioned that I had tried out baking with my son when my sister was here and, as it was a success, I had another go on my own with our son. He knew what was coming this time and was thrilled to use a train cookie cutter my sister bought for him. We made cheesy biscuits this time, a recipe I found here. It’s great because it’s only a few ingredients, no eggs and no sugar. We added black pepper and oregano. They’re quite yummy.

Cheesy biscuits




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