The Great British Bake Off – The Final

GBBO. The Final.

I got home from Bible study having scratched the car on a wall trying to park and hubby had set up our Chromecast thingy upstairs so I could watch the final in bed on iPlayer. What a lovely hubby!

Well. I was all excited about Richard, rooting for him to win. But sadly he didn’t perform quite as well as previous weeks and didn’t win. SPOILER: Nancy won. Not even Luis who I secretly thought would win all along but didn’t want him to because I was supporting Richard.

Hubby was disappointed with the lack of testing of their baking skills. For example, the technical challenge where they had 2 hours to make Victoria sponges, lemon tarts and scones. He said that was just about time management, not really baking. And the show stopper was all about appearance and not edible appearance. I’ll give him that.

It was also interesting at the end when they showed what everyone has done since GBBO that very few have actually done anything big that’s baking-related. Normally at that point they have got involved in all sorts of local things and set up baking classes and started working as a pastry chef. Perhaps the magic has gone.

Obviously I was in a baking mood yesterday so, as my sister is visiting this week, I baked with our son for the first time. It was great having an extra pair of adult hands! We baked a batch of little biscuits using an egg-free recipe because I wasn’t so comfortable with him getting eggy fingers and licking them. He loved using the cookie cutters and decorating them. But I think he’s forgotten about them as he hasn’t even eaten one!

We’re making this slow cooker chocolate and mint Aero bubble cake later on for the grown ups, even though the grown ups are secretly eating all of the biscuits, too. I don’t imagine it will last long as my parents are visiting this weekend, too.

So no more Bake Off until celebrity Bake Off later in the year. What will we do with ourselves?


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