The Great British Bake Off – Episode 9

I know I’m closer to episode 10 than episode 9 now, but here are a few comments…

We were last week having a lovely holiday in Swanage, Dorset, which I will write more about in my next post. That’s why there were no blog posts last week as I was on blog-holiday too, and I’d forgotten to set any draft posts to publish…

I had never heard of grilling a cake until Bake Off on Wednesday. Not something I’ll be trying as my multi-tasking tendencies would kick in – I’d start washing up or making a cup of tea or hanging up the laundry or something and it would all burn. I was a bit worried for Richard because he said he’d lost count of his layers but amazingly he had 20 layers. Maybe he was only kidding, I mean he’s a builder so maybe he just knows?

We were self-catering on our holiday so I did a bit of baking myself. I made a Hairy Bikers turkey and bacon pie. It was supposed to be chicken and ham but we had bought bacon for breakfast and I am a big fan of turkey because it is cheap and all the traffic light symbols are green!

We are entering ‘soup season’ now the autumn is upon us so for lunch today I made celeriac soup which I’d never made before. On holiday we went to a cafe and the soup of the day was celeriac. The smell was amazing so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s really easy, aside from cutting up the brain-like veg, plus there’s enough for lunch for the next couple of days. One to add to my soup recipe collection so it won’t be all sweet potato this winter which is very nice, but it’s nice to have a variety!

Back to Bake Off… I thought Chetna was doing really well until this episode. Those little patisserie cakes at the end looked quite interesting but hubby isn’t a fan of patisserie cake. He’d rather eat a plain old Victoria sponge any day. Roll on the birthday cricket cake later this month!

Star baker for the fifth time! Surely Richard has to win now?! I’m going to have to avoid the internet and the TV until I’ve seen the final as it falls on Bible study night. Maybe I’ll get up early and watch it in bed!


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