The Great British Bake Off – Episode 8, and the birthday cake

I watched episode 8 whilst our son was asleep this afternoon. It worked quite nicely until the poor boy woke up crying because he’s working on those last four teeth.

Anyway, I actually fancied trying one of those enriched sweet fruit loaves. I thought they looked really nice and would be yummy with a cup of tea. They’d feed a lot of people! And Chetna did really well choosing that Croatian-inspired recipe as she stormed ahead in the technical challenge. I was surprised no one was keeping an eye on what she was doing, given she knew more about it than anyone else in the tent.

I love doughnuts. The sugar on them has to be the right kind of sugar – not icing sugar but proper sugar. Mmm. But I’d forgotten they are fried and therefore worse for you than I thought. The bakers came up with interesting ideas for their doughnuts but I’m actually not that much of a fan of the Krispy Kreme-type doughnuts even though they’re really popular. They’re ok but I’d rather have a plain jam one or just a ring one or a ring one with a bit of icing. Definitely need to buy doughnuts.

Richard was crowned Star Baker AGAIN! Maybe this means he’ll win…? I can hardly believe that this year I have actually chosen to support someone who could make it all the way. Usually in these sorts of competitions, I have to switch allegiance several times because the people I choose get kicked out. That’s probably because I usually pick the young one, or the one from where I’m from, or something silly rather than the fact they are actually any good at what they’re supposed to be doing.

And so, to the birthday cake. Baking the cake was very easy. I had to make a few adjustments because the recipe was Australian and required sweets we don’t have and cake tins that are a different size. It led to a GBBO ‘should I get it out of the oven yet?’ squat in front of the oven whilst the cake was baking. Assembly and decoration took much longer than I had anticipated. I wasn’t really pressed for time but I did want to go to bed.

Here it is:

Train birthday cake
Train birthday cake

I can make a million excuses for the poor decoration but I was ecstatic that, when presented with it, our son recognised it as a train. It therefore was a success! And the cake is quite yummy. We have loads of sweets leftover so our teeth will probably fall out quite soon.

The next birthday cake I’ll make will be for hubby in a few weeks. Back to the plain cricket cake which I always complain about, but after spending hours making a train cake for our son, knowing I just have to make an easy Victoria sponge with green icing on it is a relief!


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