10 years

10 years ago two big changes happened in my life: I left school and I started uni.

And 10 years ago my parents moved from the town I grew up in. It was a very, very sad day when we left. I remember crying when the movers put my piano in the lorry to go into storage until my parents found a new house (9 months later). I remember sleeping on the floor in my old bedroom on the last night we lived there because my bunk bed had been taken to pieces. I remember cleaning skirting boards with my mum. I remember leaving the house for the last time and driving straight to someone’s house to drop something off, and whilst my mum was dropping it off I burst into tears!

We lived in that house for almost 15 years, so pretty much my whole childhood happened there. If I have a dream about being in a house, it’s nearly always in that house but perhaps with a few changes. My parents painted a mural of Disney characters on the wall in what became my bedroom. My dad and Pappy (grandad) built a Wendy house in the garden. We helped dig foundations for the new kitchen and found hundreds of flying ants. Our neighbour’s son threw a snowball in my mouth from across the fence during a snowball fight. So many memories…

Well, almost 10 years to the day since we moved from that house, my parents have put their house on the market! I haven’t lived at their house much as I was at uni when they moved there and got married soon after finishing uni, but still it seems momentous to me that it’s within a few days of the 10 year anniversary of leaving the town I grew up in. Christmas could be in a strange house this year. Hopefully they’ll move a bit closer to us.

Maybe I’m just a bit sentimental, but this particular ’10 years since’ has really struck me!


3 thoughts on “10 years”

  1. I was sad when you went and whenever I go past your old house I always look on it with very fond memories! And the disney wall!!! Well I already have one planned out for when we have a family…. though I am no artist so we will see! Hope you are keeping well. Xx

    1. Aww Ellie that’s so sweet! I bet that mural isn’t even there anymore. I’m sure my parents could give you some tips on how to do a Disney mural. I think it involved sheets of paper with the characters on and drawing squares over the top so you draw them up one at a time. Then paint it. And of course put in a few personal touches – my parents signed and dated it and drew a road sign which had names of key places with how many miles away they were from our house like where they went on honeymoon. Hopefully one day we’ll do something similar but on a much, much smaller scale!

  2. When I remember our prayer triplet I always see the Disney wall in my mind!! I also think of sleep with overs that didn’t involve much sleep and straightening Phil’s afro when I think of your old house!

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