The Great British Bake Off – Episode 7

Mmmmm pastry. I love pastry. When I watched GBBO last night on iPlayer I really wanted to eat pastry!

Hubby was very kind to me last night and let me watch GBBO on date night. He was watching, too! He kept telling me about these strawberry and white chocolate eclairs he had somewhere recently and how someone should have tried to make those. And how when he made profiteroles a couple of months ago for the first time it was really easy and didn’t take very long. He has an eclair baking tin so maybe he’ll make some of these strawberry and white chocolate eclairs for me?

Anyway, it was a good week to watch as some people had a terrible week and some had a great week, and it’s so close to the end of the show now. Paul and Mary keep coming up with these interesting technical challenges that no one has heard of or seen or eaten or anything. I imagine there are a lot of cakes and so on like that.

I think we may have pie sometime next week so that I can make something with pastry. Admittedly I’ll buy the pastry because I don’t have time to make it and I’ll opt for the ‘lighter’ version but still, pastry is pastry.

I was absolutely thrilled to see Richard crowned star baker for the 3rd time and therefore staying in the competition. Richard to win!

We have come to birthday cake making time. I am almost ready to make it, I just need to source one more type of sweet to decorate the train. I hope our son likes it and doesn’t cry when we cut into it (he loves trains!). And I hope it looks a bit like a train in the first place! There may be photos next week…


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