The Great British Bake Off – Episode 6

Confession time – I wrote this post last Thursday but never got round to editing and publishing it. I have even watched An Extra Slice since I wrote this! Here is the edited version…


I watched GBBO this afternoon whilst our son had a nap. It felt naughty watching something I love whilst he was snoozing! I would have liked to be asleep myself but hubby said he didn’t want to watch GBBO tonight. To be fair to him, Thursday night is our date night so he’s been very loving letting watch GBBO on Thursday nights when I’ve not been able to watch it ‘live’ on Wednesday nights.

European cakes don’t always appeal to me. I think it’s the colourful dried fruits, cream, and extra nuts, but also that when I look at them, I can’t imagine what they will taste like. The cake tins for European cakes are so cool though.

That cake meeting sounds like hubby’s dream. 3 hours of eating cake. Maybe not all European cakes and definitely not coffee, but he loves cake and would happily eat good cake all day. With a few custard creams.

I’m amazed with how much knowledge the bakers have when it comes to the challenge round. I would have no idea how to make creme patisserie or make a rose!

Today I found out that I have wisdom teeth. I always thought I didn’t have them because I don’t have a full set of adult teeth – not because I’ve had some removed, but because I just don’t have them all. Our son had his first dentist appointment, too. He bit the dentist and still got a sticker! But our teeth our fine so the cake munching continues.

I’m glad Richard is still in the competition. It was interesting to see Paul and Mary telling all of the bakers their reasons for and against Richard and Kate. A bit harsh maybe but perhaps they’ll come back stronger next week. Go Richard!



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