Spooks revisited

A few months ago we watched series 2 of Spooks for the umpteenth time. It’s amazing. I’ve mentioned it before, including how we love Tom Quinn, played by Matthew Macfadyen. But when we finished watching it recently we realised that we would never see Tom come back in series 3.

So for our anniversary last week, hubby bought me not just series 3 but also series 1 on DVD (apparently they were very cheap on Amazon). I’ve never seen series 1 so we are gradually working our way through it. Wow. It is actually awesome watching previously unseen episodes featuring Tom Quinn.

And also, wow episode 2 is brilliant. I knew what was going to happen. I’d heard about how Lisa Faulkner is only in the series for a couple of episodes and about how her character dies but I still found it shocking and a brilliant way to keep people hooked on the series because you don’t expect it to happen. I can see why people complained about it! Hubby commented it’s ironic that she won Celebrity Masterchef given that her character in Holby City (I used to watch it when she was in it) was stabbed with a kitchen knife and in Spooks her character’s death involved a deep fat fryer.

Once we’re done with series 1 it’ll be straight to series 3 for Tom’s return! Maybe we should buy the very last series too just so we can watch the last couple of minutes of the last ever episode where he comes back again…


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