Saturday breakfast

At the weekend I like to make something special for my boys for breakfast. As I do the food shop on a Friday night, sometimes I pick up a pack of reduced pain au chocolat or croissants or other pastries. Other times I make pancakes or waffles (my sister bought us a waffle maker for Christmas).

Today I did something a bit different – bacon and egg ‘cups’ and bagels.

Bacon and egg ‘cups’ and bagels

I heard about the idea on the radio a few months ago and then suddenly remembered it earlier this week. I googled a recipe for them and it came up with lots of different ones, all American. There were versions with bread on the bottom, vegetables, crumbled sausage meat…

Bacon and egg ‘cups’ baked

I found a simple recipe (link above) – cook bacon, put in muffin tin, crack egg, bake. Of course I added black pepper on top of the egg because I love it. I find making a proper cooked breakfast can get stressful trying to monitor different pans, toaster, kettle, grill! So this worked nicely for me as I could get on with other things whilst breakfast was in the oven (about 15 minutes) like getting milk for my son and I, setting the table, and toasting the bagels.

Last night hubby was trying to guess what we were going to have for breakfast and he definitely couldn’t guess this one. He walked into the kitchen bleary-eyed whilst I was making breakfast, saw bacon in the muffin tin and was quite confused! I made too many, especially as our son was more interested in the bagels so hubby ended up eating more than I had anticipated. But hubby gave it the thumbs up, so I’m making this one again.



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