The Great British Bake Off – Episode 5

Pies and tarts. Yum and yum! Although having watched last night’s episode, I don’t fancy eating either for a while. A tower of pie?! I love pastry but that’s just crazy.

I was slightly distracted by wrapping up a shoebox but was sad to watch Norman leave. I still think he’s great. He’s a better baker than me! At the moment I’d quite like Richard to win. I’d like to see him do a ‘pen behind the ear’ sketch with Tim Vine.

In true Bake Off fashion I did indeed bake something last night. I made the banana and oat bites from Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less magazine (Issue 05). The recipe was a suggestion for healthy summer treats for kids. It requires apple sauce but as we have a massive apple tree in our garden, I thought I’d use a few of them. Sadly this year we will not see the bumper crop of previous years but there will be enough to make a few crumbles and apple cakes.

Anyway, the recipe was really simple as it just required bananas, oats, apple sauce and cinnamon, then mix, dollop and bake! I made the apple sauce using some of our apples, a bit of water and a sprinkle of brown sugar. My little taste tester has approved them, as has my big taste tester. I think I might have to freeze some though, as the recipe says they only keep for 2 days. It’s nice to have some homemade treats which are 99% healthy!


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