Great British Bake Off on holiday

Don’t worry, I didn’t miss The Great British Bake Off last week! We were on holiday with friends in Rye but I still watched it and watched An Extra Slice because there was so much drama that I had to find out Iain’s response. But because I was on holiday, I was on blog-holiday too.

I imagine almost everyone in the country has watched the episode by now because it was top news, so I won’t add any comments to the hundreds. Instead I thought I would share a few food stories from last week.

Remember a couple of weeks ago I made two banana and Nutella cakes to use up our bananas? One went in the freezer and the other one disappeared in a matter of days. So we took the frozen one on holiday with us. I also took the slow cooker with us – amazing idea. It was great to be able to come back to dinner after a fun day out. Definitely recommend it! I tried a new recipe out, pictured below and one night we had friends over to the house we were staying in and I made pulled pork. Brilliant way of feeding lots of people for very little and making people food happy.

Slow cooker bacon-wrapped apple BBQ chicken with green beans and mash

I tried out a new cake recipe in the slow cooker at the weekend courtesy of bakingqueen74 – chocolate and coconut cake. I made it for the same reasons, that I needed to use up the desiccated coconut from the coconut and lime cake I made a few months ago. But again I added icing. What has happened to me? It’s just icing sugar, water and desiccated coconut. It’s yummy! Sadly I only managed to take a photo once half the cake had been eaten, which happened very quickly.

Terrible photo of a yummy, demolished cake

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