Why do I blog again?

Every few days when I think of something to write about in my blog and I think, hang on a minute, why do I blog?!

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I think the only people who read it were friends or family. This time, I’m getting likes and follows from people I’ve never heard of. That is strange. I don’t think I’d anticipated strangers reading my blog, or really anyone reading it to be honest. It was just a way of writing a few things down that I’m thinking about, sometimes asking for comments and sometimes just splurging. How people I don’t know come across my blog is something of a mystery to me.

Now that I’m a mummy, I have found blogging to be a little escape. I can write a draft post in a few minutes, come back to it when I have some spare time and then I can schedule posts to be published throughout the week. It feels like an accomplishment to have just posted something, but even more so if I have accomplished something like baking a yummy cake which I can share with the world (not literally, just the photo or the recipe or my adaptations. Sorry about that).

Obviously feeding, watering, cleaning and entertaining our son are all accomplishments in themselves but sometimes it really doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. You may have heard it said that motherhood is often a thankless role. You only believe it when you are a mother. The change of pace from working to not working doesn’t help with this. At work you have deadlines and appraisals and a salary, and whilst deadlines might mean tidying away toys before bedtime now, it’s not quite the same.

When our son was about 7 or 8 months old I had reached the point where I had to make something so I could see I had achieved something. I could have just looked back at baby photos of our son and then looked at him and seen that as an accomplishment! But I love making things, even if I’m not that good at it, so it was going to be an enjoyable task for me. I made a sign with his name on it using cardboard letters from Hobbycraft, a big frame from Ikea, and some of our son’s baby clothes. I cut the clothes to size and wrapped them around the letters, then glued the letters onto the frame. Very simple but creative and sentimental. I was so proud of it and when people comment on it, I’m still proud of it!

After that I decided that I should try to spend some time making things because I enjoy it and it can be productive e.g. making cushion covers or birthday cards. It doesn’t have to be every week, just when I can to get a break from the norm. I make cake every week anyway for hubby. The nice thing about blogging is that I can blog more regularly than get my sewing machine out with all the threads and fabric and everything with a small boy on the prowl. Ironically, I write about the day-to-day stuff even when I’m escaping it!

So that’s kind of what I’m doing with blogging. I’m flattered that people read my rambling comments and even like, follow or comment on what I’ve written. But I don’t think I started out with that idea. And, whilst I find it bizarre that strangers are reading the things I’ve written, I guess I do the same thing when I read blogs.


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