Swimming for free

This morning I went swimming twice in the same swimming pool. A fancy one. For free. Legally.

I usually go to our local public swimming pool with mixed communal showers and hardly separated changing areas. You can become a member and enjoy the gym and cheaper swims but as I go at 6.30am, it only costs £3.20 anyway.

But recently at Sainsbury’s you could double your Nectar points and get free swims. Hubby got four vouchers for me, which count as day passes at our local Nuffield health gym which is a similar walking distance to where I normally go. Amazing!

So this morning I tried it out. It is so nice. The ladies changing rooms are completely separate to the men’s and they are huge. It’s easy to get lost. Loads of big lockers, hairdryers, cubicle showers complete with shampoo. Even loads of car parking spaces.

The pool itself is longer than I’m used to but not as big as I was expecting. There are also lanes which is new for me. I stood there staring at the lanes trying to work out which was the fast lane and which was the slow lane and then eventually noticed the signs. But there was a wide lane of people swimming lengths just up and down, not round in an anticlockwise direction. That threw me. Eventually I chose the slow lane and was pleasantly surprised to be able to swim faster than my fellow swimmers. Next time I might try the ‘random’ lane if there’s enough room for me.

When my mum visited a few weeks ago she told me that when she goes swimming she does one length of breaststroke, one of front crawl, one of backstroke and repeats that cycle. I have adopted this technique since she visited. I struggled to make it to the other end of the pool doing front crawl this morning because it was further away than normal. I found swimming in lanes actually encouraged me to keep going and to swim quicker, so even when I struggled to get to the end of the lane I still got there. Just.

One of my friends blogs about swimming here: rinroadwrites  I considered adopting her method but I couldn’t even get my new swimming costume done up this morning let alone remember the number of different strokes to do. So I’m sticking with my mum’s for now.

The second time I visited the pool this morning using my day pass was with our son. He loves splashing about so a free trip to the pool was a great option for us. Plus I knew my way round the changing rooms and where to hang the towels whilst you’re in the pool.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit.


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