A baking weekend

After last week’s GBBO I was desperate to try baking pinwheel biscuits because I remembered them being yummy. So I hunted around in our recipe books and attempted the only recipe for them we had.

Rather small pinwheel biscuits

They didn’t turn out quite as I had expected but they are very yummy and are disappearing very quickly. I remembered them being big and round so maybe you have to flatten them out a bit… I have found a few other recipes online which include egg so maybe I’ll try one of those next time.

I also made an apple and blackberry crumble yesterday using some of the apples from our garden and blackberries from a walk with my boys. I always use the same recipe from our Stork book but I use half flour, half oats in the crumble. It was the first crumble of the season and is quite scrummy, even without custard. And there are leftovers in the fridge!

Slow cooker red velvet cake
Red velvet cake
First slice of red velvet cake

Finally, I made a red velvet cake in our slow cooker yesterday using this recipe. It is lovely and moist and I added some vanilla buttercream icing. Yum!

And I haven’t finished yet! Tomorrow night I’m making strawberry cheesecake cupcakes from my Hummingbird Bakery recipe book. They are really nice but, because they have fresh strawberries in them, they have to be eaten quickly. We’re going to put on weight this week.


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