The Great British Bake Off – Episode 2

I watched it a day late and whilst painting my toe nails but Episode 2 was still great and I’d managed to avoid all GBBO updates so it was fresh to me.

I’ve never thought about making savoury biscuits, they don’t really appeal. I think because you have them with cheese and we don’t really have biscuits and cheese. I’m also actually a bit funny about flavours like rosemary, cardamom and fennel (which I really don’t like. The fennel fad is not one I’m following). I loved that Norman made plain ones!

When Sue started the gelato history lesson, even hubby stopped what he was doing to watch it. He’s been talking about getting a gelato maker and starting a gelateria recently. In his research he found a gelato university in Reading/Bologna. Madness.

I loved seeing what people can make using biscuits! Such inventive ideas, we were especially fans of Richard’s and Luis’ designs. And wow, pinwheel biscuits! Haven’t seen them for years but I can remember what they taste like. Mmm. Might have to make some of those.

One thing that gets me every year: each episode is set over two days and yet everyone is wearing the same clothes on both days. Anyone else find this odd?

I’ve got my hands on a train cake recipe for our son’s birthday which looks fairly simple but when it comes to the decoration I think I’ll struggle to be patient. Deep breaths and remembering there isn’t really a time limit will get me through.

Giant cookie update: it was a bit dry and definitely over baked but it is edible. I plan to have another go at some point.


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