Giant cookie for my clever Cookie

Hubby found out that he had passed his final professional exams yesterday! YAY! Three years for one professional qualification, and then three years for another, and now it is over. Phew!

He’s so sweet. I should have been showering him with gifts to say congratulations and yet he came home with a bunch of sunflowers, my favourite flower, to say thank you for putting up with him doing all the revision and exams!

I had a few ideas up my sleeve… We had Italian night last night – pasta and then gelato (which you can buy in  Tesco called Joe Delucci’s Italian Gelato. We had pistachio. Mmm.). And today I made this giant cookie in our slow cooker for him, only I used white chocolate chips instead of milk.

A few weeks ago I showed it to him but surprisingly, given he loves all things sweet, he wasn’t very interested. Sadly, he won’t be interested in the one I made!

Giant cookie
Giant cookie

Admittedly I haven’t taken the best shot of it! We had a bit of a manic afternoon and I’d forgotten that our slow cooker cooks things quicker than recipes state, so I’m not convinced it will taste great. It’s even burnt a bit on one side. If I make it again I’ll make sure I’m at home when it’s 2 hours into cooking so I can take it out if it’s done!

I’m just a bit sad that you can’t see the strawberries and white chocolate chunks nicely and that it was supposed to be a special thing for my clever Cookie. Ah well, we’ll try it later, maybe with a bit of ice cream to cheer it up.

I can’t watch biscuit making on GBBO tonight, but I will enjoy watching people do a better job than I’ve done tomorrow!


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