Banana baking

Our son has a habit of pointing at things, saying what they are, suggesting he wants it, then deciding he doesn’t want it. Especially with food. We therefore moved the fruit bowl off the kitchen table and onto a shelf so that we wouldn’t keep opening bananas so he could have one bite and then we’d put the rest in the freezer. The disadvantage of this is we forget about our fruit and all of a sudden we have to use it up quickly.

So yesterday I decided to make two banana breads to use up our rather brown bananas – one for eating this week, one to put in the freezer. I use a Mary Berry recipe from one of our cake recipe books, but of course I struggle to follow a recipe to the ‘T’ so I alter it slightly. I don’t use any honey as we prefer it to be more cake than bread, and it seems a waste of my parents’ honey. Sometimes I add some chopped chocolate to the mixture if we have any lying around from previous bakes. And I think the original recipe includes some sort of sugar icing, which again I omit. So basically I make banana cake, I just call it banana bread.

I’m one of those people who can eat chocolate spread from the jar. Or spread it on digestive biscuits. Or marshmallows. Or the usual, toast. Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut spread) is a fairly recent addition to our baking cupboard but I can’t remember why we bought it. Perhaps it was because we discovered it was Italian and therefore it is amazing.

I recently read somewhere online about adding Nutella to banana bread. Sounds so yummy! I have no idea where I read it but I remembered the basic idea: melt some Nutella in the microwave, put half the banana bread mixture in your tin, spread the Nutella over the mixture, add the rest of the mixture. So that’s what I did. I used my normal recipe and added Nutella. I actually ran out of Nutella and had to open our Sainsbury’s version. Interestingly, the Sainsbury’s version tastes nuttier.

Banana and Nutella bread
Banana and Nutella bread

And the verdict is: it’s very nice warm from the oven! And it’s also nice cold. I like that the Nutella made a sort of smiley mouth shape even though it was all level when it went in the oven. I wonder if swirling it a bit when all the cake mixture is in the tin might make it spread a bit more or make a funkier pattern. Maybe next time. There are all those bananas in the freezer, after all.


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