HEMA review

A new shop has opened in Bromley called HEMA.

It’s in the intu shopping centre (formerly The Glades) and looks a bit like a mini Ikea without the furniture. It’s colourful, organised, and funky. It’s also a bit like Tiger, if you’ve seen those shops. And the stuff inside is European.

I popped in with our son earlier in the week as it looks so inviting and picked up their magazine as I went in. We were only in there about two minutes as he’d had enough of shops but I’m glad I picked up the magazine.

HEMA is a Dutch company, set up in 1926 and then it started to move into other European countries in 1984. HEMA has just entered the UK this year with three stores in the London area. The magazine also shows a small selection of their products across their range: kids, baby, she, he, eat, sleep, study, bath, home, cook. And on the back of the magazine there was a voucher for a free box of biscuits if you spend £5.

So we had to visit again to get our free box of biscuits and below is a photo of the purchases I made yesterday. I tried to get a variety of products to show what they sell, but I was also trying to go for things we actually needed. Please remember I am a girl and am therefore allowed to buy girly things. So I went for: my free box of biscuits, decaf coffee pods (more info below), an ice cream scoop (somehow we’ve survived nearly 7 years of marriage without one), a face mask, eyebrow gel, face wipes, a card, 3 postcards, a sticker book, and a nice jar.

HEMA purchases
HEMA purchases

I saw the decaf coffee pods for £1 a pack and got very excited. I should really have done a bit more research as it turns out they are like tea bags. I think they are for a particular type of coffee machine like the one my sister-in-law has so perhaps I’ll enjoy them at her house instead. They do sell proper coffee pod capsules as well which apparently fit in all coffee machines, but sadly not in decaf.

There are so many other things in the shop – towels, baking trays, cups, European biscuits and treats, wooden toys, nail polish, paper, files, batteries. We just didn’t need any of that stuff so I couldn’t really buy it even if it did look nice!

The shop itself is well laid out in areas according to their range, as mentioned above. This makes it easy to find things. It’s spacious, easy to push a buggy round, plenty of staff, and generally the products look interesting, unique, and reasonably priced. I think it’s going to do really well here and will probably find a home in other towns and cities in the UK in the next few years. If you’re in the Bromley area do have a wander, or try their other UK shops in Victoria and Kingston.


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