GBBO An Extra Slice

An Extra Slice
An Extra Slice (original photo here)

Tonight I sat down with a cup of tea in hand (yes!) to watch An Extra Slice.

As it started, hubby said it was like Big Brother’s Little Brother or Springwatch or, because there was an outtake, Harry Hill’s TV Burp. It’s basically a recap of the week’s GBBO with a few extras like outtakes, an interview with the baker who left this week, and cakes from the audience.

Gregg Wallace was one of the celebrity guests and, despite my criticisms of the new layout of Masterchef, hubby and I used to watch it regularly so we do like Gregg. I loved the way his eyes lit up every time a cake appeared! I thought it was interesting that the guests were asked if the right decision was made about the star baker, but they didn’t get to taste the cake so I’m not sure they could really judge.

The end reminded me of the end of Have I Got News For You. And wow, Gardener’s World is on late these days! Overall I was a bit disappointed with the show. It was mostly rude jokes with a bit of cake on the side. I’m not sure if I’ll tune in next week, I might just stick with the original.

All this cake making is making me think about our son’s second birthday cake which I will be making in September. Last year his cake was a simple rectangular sponge with green fondant icing and white chocolate fingers sticking out of one end because, at the time, he was obsessed with breadsticks, so it was supposed to be a box of breadsticks. This year I’m thinking of making a train cake given his love of trains, possibly featuring a rhino as he keeps asking us to draw rhinos. There will of course be a photo if it turns out half decent. Last year I got so unnecessarily stressed about it being my son’s first birthday cake (see, I told you I’d lose it under pressure!) that the icing didn’t stick and it didn’t look great. But this year I will try to take my time over it and relax! He won’t remember either cake!


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