The Great British Bake Off – Episode 1

I am so pleased The Great British Bake Off hasn’t gone down the Masterchef route of becoming ridiculously fancy and making it super pressured and adding extra tests. It has stuck with the three challenges and it’s just how it always has been. That makes me happy.

There is such a good age range this year and it looks like 17-year-old Martha, the youngest baker ever in GBBO, is a brilliant baker. Presumably she was taught how to bake from an early age. It makes me want to teach our son how to bake, but not just yet as he has no understanding of waiting for things and would just eat the raw ingredients.

I was longing for there to be an advert break by 8.30pm because I wanted a cup of tea to go with the cake everyone on TV was eating – we can’t pause our TV and hubby was out so I couldn’t ask him to make one for me. Ah well, that won’t be a problem next week!

Another thing that makes me happy about the format is that Paul and Mary are the same as ever. They play up a little to their characters, but not much. Masterchef went down the route of exaggerating their key phrases like ‘I haven’t tasted a pudding like that in a long, long time,’ or ‘it doesn’t get tougher than this.’ I think these started off as little phrases they happened to say, and then they exaggerated  it but it didn’t work given they had made the rest of the show upmarket. And Mel and Sue just make me laugh.

Every time anyone said ‘blueberries’ I laughed because our son says ‘boo berries’ and it almost sounded like Mary Berry said ‘boo berries’ at one point!

As I watched the episode, aside from desperately wanting to eat cake with a nice cuppa, I realised I never want to participate in any kind of cake judging event:

– I don’t know how to use a mixer. I like my bowl and spoon and it looks like they have been abandoned.
– Whilst my cakes generally turn out fine, I am not particularly good at sticking to recipes, so I’d fail the Technical Challenge.
– I don’t really like decorating cakes unless it’s a birthday cake and I get bored easily, so I’d fail the Show Stopper Challenge.

Basically I’m a lazy baker and I don’t think I’d bake well under pressure, so that’s me out!

At this stage I can’t see a clear standout baker. Lots of them are really good and have interesting ideas, so it’ll be fun seeing what happens next.

I was left wondering what happens to the rest of the cake once they’ve been tasted by Mary and Paul. I hope they’re shared with the rest of the bakers and the crew!

There’s another show called ‘An Extra Slice‘ which starts on Friday night, hosted by Jo Brand with celebrity Bake Off fans. I might watch that on iPlayer too, just for some more Bake Off fun.


2 thoughts on “The Great British Bake Off – Episode 1”

  1. Love the review! I wish I could have the recipes of all the cakes they made but they only have a few on the BBC website 😦 I love that Martha is on there representing the younger British bakers, I hope she goes far. I like the fact they haven’t followed Masterchef too, the atmosphere in the bake off tent seems a lot friendlier than in the Masterchef kitchen. And I will definitely be watching An Extra Slice!!

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