Swimming with my mummy

This morning I went swimming with my mummy!

My parents have been visiting for a few days and my mum said she’d like to join me for a morning swim, so there I was, waking her up at 6.10am so we could go swimming.

I quite enjoy that time on my own, walking to the pool, having my swim, saying ‘hi’ to the older lady who swims at the same time and asks how our son is, walking home to my boys. It’s a bit of ‘me’ time.

However, it was really nice to have someone with me this morning. My mum powers through the water with ease and I could tell she was swimming slower so that we swam at the same pace.

My mum is a good swimmer so she also gave me a few tips. I can now swim breaststroke almost properly with my head in the water and apparently I can swim front crawl quite well I just usually feel a bit embarrassed trying it in the pool because I feel like I’m drowning.

I have many memories of my dad attempting the butterfly stroke on family holidays, so perhaps I should ask him for tips if I want to try that one…


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