Waitrose bread mixes

We’ve lived in two places since we were married almost 7 years ago (7 years!!), and both have had Waitrose as the closest supermarket. This was not out of choice, but it just so happens that you have to walk past a Waitrose after leaving the tube or train station to get to either of them.

Having to walk past a Waitrose to get home has its pros and cons: handy if we need to get milk or something or for picking up some reduced items at the end of the day, but it can be very tempting to buy some nicer, more expensive things too! It’s also great because they sell good own-brand Canadian very strong white flour, 1.5kg and it’s cheaper than the one they sell at our local Sainsbury’s.

Anyway, we popped in the other day to buy some of said flour, and they had an offer on their Waitrose Love Life bread mixes at 74p per pack. I bought one of each of the ones that I thought looked interesting: mixed seed malted bread mix and oat and linseed bread mix.

Waitrose bread mixes
Waitrose bread mixes

I made the mixed seed malted loaf in our slow cooker on Tuesday and it is so nice that today I went back and bought three more because it’s still on offer. I’m yet to make the other pack, but I also bought a couple extra of that, too. Well worth a look if you have a Waitrose nearby and fancy trying a different bread mix.


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