A different kind of rice

Last night I made cauliflower rice to accompany some whole mackerel. Yes, you read that right, cauliflower rice.

Mackerel with cauliflower rice
Mackerel with cauliflower rice

This might not be a new thing to you but it was brand new to us. It had popped up on my Facebook newsfeed as someone shared the recipe from The Wolf Kitchen. Neither of us are big cauliflower fans but even so, it sounded interesting.

I did a bit of research before I cooked it to work out what would be best for us and actually went for frying it using a version of this recipe. The basic idea of making cauliflower rice is the same wherever you look, but the way you cook it varies and you can add other things to it.

Raw cauliflower rice



You turn the cauliflower into rice by cutting off the florets, washing them, drying them out, and whizzing them in a food processor until it looks like rice but don’t whizz too much else it will go soggy. A key part of our food processor has gone missing so unfortunately I had to grate it which took longer but resulted in less washing up.

I bagged up some of the raw ‘rice’ to put in the freezer for another day as there was too much for the three of us. I added some turmeric to the rice when I fried it and added some chopped carrots and peas (our son’s favourites). And, whilst you could taste it was cauliflower, it tasted nice! It was a bonus to see some extra veg going down well with the boys. We don’t have normal rice very often, which is surprising as we all like rice, but I’ll definitely have a go at this again.


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