Mummy sixth sense?

We had a massive thunderstorm here in south London last night. I woke up 10 minutes before it started and I have been wondering why that is. Maybe I could feel the static in the air, maybe I could hear thunder bugs heading for yellow t-shirts, or maybe it’s my ‘mummy sixth sense’.

My sisters-in-law have talked in the past about how they can sometimes just tell what is going to happen, for example they wake up in the middle of the night knowing that one of their children is about to be sick. Like a mummy sixth sense.

I imagine that I just woke up, and once the storm started I was waiting, expectantly, for our son to wake up from the noise. I don’t think he woke up from any thunderstorms last year but last night it was particularly loud. It doesn’t help that our bedroom is in the loft so everything seems much louder, especially the rain hammering down on the slanted Velux window, which made me think it was just as loud in his room. Of course, it wasn’t.

Anyway, he was woken up by it and I was all prepared to go downstairs to be with him. I wonder if there is a mummy sixth sense or not. I spend nearly all of my time with our son, so I can sometimes ‘predict’ what is going to happen next based on previous experience. The thing is, he’s nearly 2 and a bit of a chatterbox but he can’t tell me exactly what he wants all of the time. I know what he needs, but not always what he wants!


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