First cake in the slow cooker

Last night I made my first cake in the slow cooker.

I made slow cooker mango and lime cake with lime icing by following BakingQueen74’s recipe on her blog. It was really easy to make and I’m tempted to make one of the other slow cooker cakes she suggests.

Slow cooker mango and lime cake
Slow cooker mango and lime cake

I think next time I’d cut up the pieces of mango smaller in the hope they spread a bit better through the whole cake.

I used a large cake tin liner and was convinced it would spill over the sides but it stayed put, rose and is the lovely oval shape of the slow cooker, despite the original cake liner being round. Amazingly it cooked in 1.5 hours which was the shortest time suggested in the recipe. I left it to cool for about half an hour before removing it from the slow cooker because it was too hot to take it out before then.

Icing and I have a difficult relationship. I like eating it but I’m not a fan of waiting around for the cake to cool, making icing, icing the cake and then waiting for the icing to set. I’d much rather make a fruit cake or something which you bake and that’s it, no icing. The problem is, I find icing recipes usually require a lot more icing sugar than is suggested in the recipe. So I don’t know how much lime juice I put in the icing because I never trust icing recipes (sorry!). I just added the lime juice little by little until the icing was the right consistency.

And the verdict? Hubby said, ‘it’s yummy, like eating sunshine.’ Think I’ll make this one again, then!


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