Baby gifts

My Facebook news feed has been full of new babies in the last week or so! Congratulations to all!

Two friends from church have recently had babies and I wanted to make them something that I thought would be useful and a bit funky. I actually had the inspiration and made the gifts a few months ago and wanted to share it but had to wait until babies were born and gifts were given just in case they read this!

I didn’t want to go for the classic baby blanket so I googled something like ‘craft ideas for baby gifts’ and discovered a wealth of possibilities. Some looked too difficult, some looked expensive to make, and some looked relatively simple.

‘Diaper and Wipes Case’ tutorial came up on Crazy Little Projects. Another American website! Anyway, I went with it because I thought that for me it would be handy to have nappies, wipes and nappy disposal bags in the same place. Also we have been using a backpack rather than my changing bag because it’s easier to carry around without a pushchair, so nappies disappear to the bottom of the bag, get crushed, get crumbs in them…

Nappy bags2
Nappy bag gifts
Nappy bag open
Nappy bag with wipes and nappies









So off I went to buy some cute baby fabric and material for a strap (there’s a link in the tutorial to a version with a strap) and started cutting and sewing. They’re simple to make and I sent the first one I made to one to one of hubby’s ex-colleagues who had a baby in March. I have since made another four. Mine is the elephant one as our son likes making elephant noises. Handy distraction during nappy changes.

Four nappy bags sitting in a row
Four nappy bags sitting in a row

I hope they are a useful gift! I’m sure the nappies and wipes inside will be, anyway. They were certainly pleased to have a homemade gift, which is always nice.


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