Keeping things organised

I can’t bear the thought of coming home to a messy home after a few relaxing days away because that would just be another thing to do when we get back. I felt this way even before we had our son and there wasn’t much mess. So, I clean before we go.

For example, we have just spent a few days up north visiting family. The day before we left, I did a load of washing and I cleaned, vacuumed, and packed. Yesterday, when we got home, I put a load of washing on and unpacked and organised our things.

I do this every time we go away for a few days. I clean our home and do a load of washing, usually bedsheets, to leave hanging to dry whilst we’re away, and then return to a clean home, unpack and washing the dirty clothes from our time away. These days this also includes tidying away all the toys before we leave so we don’t fall over with our suitcases when we get back.

All this basically means that I work very quickly before we leave and when we get home from anywhere to get life back to normal quickly. Hubby has been so kind in understanding that I feel I need to do this every time. I think in our early years of marriage he thought I was a bit crazy. Actually, he probably thinks that even more now, after almost 7 years of marriage. But now, because he knows that I will need to do all of these things, he either unpacks the dirty clothes soon after we get home or keeps out of the way by entertaining our son or reading the post.

I have no idea where this craziness came from. Probably feeling that I need to be in control of things, when in reality we’d be fine if I left the washing for a couple of days or came home to dirty house. I think my mum probably does the washing thing. That just seems sensible. But the cleaning thing? Really, who has time to clean their house as well as pack before they go away? Just me?


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