New bread recipes

I’m still making bread in the slow cooker! I haven’t blogged about it recently but remarkably it is still happening. There have been a couple of times when we’ve had to buy bread due to illnesses and being too busy to make it myself but I am trying to keep going.

We like to rotate between a white loaf with very strong Canadian white flour, a wholemeal loaf or my father-in-law’s spelt loaf. I tried mixing things up and adding sesame seeds to a loaf but it was very dry as I didn’t think to add any extra liquid. The best loaf so far has been from a packet mix – Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference spelt and sunflower seed bread mix. Very yummy (you can taste the difference… sorry, had to be done) and fancy so it’s a special loaf. I think the sunflower seeds express oil during cooking which changes the flavour and makes the bread a bit more moist.

It would be nice to experiment a bit with ingredients. I plan to buy some sunflower seeds to try to replicate the packet mix. Recently I enjoyed a slice of bread which contained poppy seeds that a friend had made in her bread maker and that was scrummy. I’ve found a few recipes to try out on the BBC Good Food website and, which even has a mocha loaf!

I also want to try making a cake in the slow cooker. There are several on Baking Queen 74’s website and I have my eye on the slow cooker mango and lime cake with lime icing recipe which I will make as soon as I get my hands on some large cake tin liners. Yummy things to come.


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