Lonely swim

This morning I went swimming in an empty pool. I came home to a deathly quiet house. And we went to a park which was deserted. What’s going on today?!

About 6 weeks ago I started going swimming a couple of times a week before hubby goes to work, provided both my boys are well. I love swimming. I’m not very good at it (but my technique is improving), I can’t hold my breath or breathe properly when I’m swimming, and I don’t like people seeing me in a swimming costume. But the beauty of going at 6.30am is that only up to about 8 people will see my technique or me in a swimming costume.

This morning, however, I was the only one in the pool. Not even the lovely lady in her 60s who swims on the same days as me and talks to me in the changing rooms. Just me and the lifeguard. I felt extremely self-conscious with my terrible technique and kept stopping to fiddle with my goggles. Eventually I decided to ignore him and just swim. The best bit was when I decided to attempt backstroke and zigzagged all over the pool, but as I had the whole pool to myself, why not use all of it…

Then when I got home, expecting to hear our son squealing when hubby says, ‘who’s that coming up the stairs?’, I heard nothing. I thought they might have been hiding but no, they were still snoozing. And the park was deserted. Maybe there’s something I don’t know.


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