You’ve Got Mail

You can’t get ill when you have kids. Well, you can. My mum can get ill and not worry that my sister and I will need to be fed, washed and entertained (I don’t want you to be ill, and I can’t actually guarantee that we’ll be fed, washed or entertained, I just mean you don’t have to do it yourself). What I mean is if you’re staying at home with young children, being ill at some point is inevitable and it makes things difficult because you just have to keep going.

A sore throat or sniffly nose don’t count as being ill in my books. Headaches are annoying but that’s what paracetamol is for. Being ill is something that actually stops you from doing things – sick bugs, flu, migraines, sinusitis. So when hubby walked in the door on Friday night and I was ready to collapse, he kindly did the weekly shop and I went to bed. And started watching You’ve Got Mail.

You’ve Got Mail is one of my favourite films. I love the music and the story and Tom Hanks and it’s just lovely. Even hubby doesn’t mind watching it (perhaps not as often as I like watching it) because it has references to The Godfather. It’s ironic because I actually don’t like watching romcoms I haven’t seen before because they are so predictable.

For example, we recently watched Letters to Juliet and by the end were wondering why we’d bothered to watch the whole thing. Apologies if you liked the film, but I didn’t find the storyline very interesting even though it was set in Italy. Partly it annoyed me that the lead girl’s fiance went off visiting suppliers for his new restaurant during their holiday which upset her, understandably, but she was off writing and travelling around Italy having fun, so why did she always get wound up when he got in touch with her to say he was having a great time, when she was too?!

Anyway, I could watch You’ve Got Mail a million times, even though it’s predictable. It’s a great rainy afternoon film. Or, as I did last week, one to watch when you’re ill in bed. It always brings a smile to my face. Hubby watches Where Eagles Dare when he’s ill but today, when he’s off work because now he’s ill, he just wants to sleep. Aww!


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